Canada’s Diabetes Meals for Good Health

The second edition has all the original great features of the first edition including daily meal plans from 1,200-2,200 calories, life-size full-color photographs, delicious recipes using everyday foods, and expert advice. Includes 70 complete meal plans and 100 recipes. NEW FEATURE of 2nd edition: Photos of common foods and beverages in a 32-page guide called “Food Choices for Good Health”. This guide makes it easy to identify appropriate portion sizes and interpret food labels. Published by Robert Rose. American and Canadian versions are the same, but the Canadian version is published in cooperation with the Canadian Diabetes Association. Read More

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Canada’s Complete Diabetes Guide for Type 2 Diabetes

New edition:

  • Updated to latest Canadian Diabetes Association’s Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • 32 new pages, “Eat this-Not That” from Canada’s Diabetes Meals for Good Health; plus 18 new full-colour photos
  • Professional reviewers helped revise several sections: herbs, medications and tests; and sexuality and diabetes
  • Published by Robert Rose (Toronto); Canadian edition published in cooperation with National Aboriginal Diabetes Association

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Watch the half-hour DVD video companion for the 2011 edition of the book produced in cooperation with the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association

Cookbook Available in French and Japanese

la santé au menu

la santé au menu

* Temporarily Out-of-Print
French translated edition of Diabetes Meals for Good Health. Published by Les Éditions de l’Homme in cooperation with the Canadian Diabetes Association. Read More

* Temporarily Out-of-Print
Japanese translated edition (slightly abbreviated version) of Diabetes Meals for Good Health. Published by DIP in Japan. Cover words by Dr. Yukio Hattori, medical doctor, chef and food connoisseur. Judge on the television show The Iron Chef. Read More