Posted: June 29, 2017

Breastfeeding Art Expo Launches

Visitors at Breastfeeding Art Expo, Kelowna

Karen’s other job is working as a breastfeeding advocate. Breastfeeding helps reduce diabetes in babies and in moms. I also work as a Public Health Dietitian with Interior Health in BC, where I am the Principal Curator and Project Coordinator of the Breastfeeding Art Expo. The Breastfeeding Art Expo is a truly special way to bring awareness about breastfeeding. When the information is presented as art, music and dance then awareness makes a greater and longer lasting imprint. The long term goal of this project is to build awareness about the importance of breastfeeding and to support improved policies and practices in hospitals and clinics that better support women to breastfeed.

What is the Breastfeeding Art Expo?  An amazing exhibition of 15 large community art projects and 65 independent artworks by citizens of central British Columbia. This provocative and educational art show also includes 20 short videos and a Teacher’s Guide (so students can tour the art expo). The Expo is traveling to six communities across BC over the next year (June 2017-June 2018).

Where can I learn more?  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Share with your friends, and #breastfeedingartexpo  Go to our Youtube channel and view one or all the videos. You can view or download the beautiful Art Catalogue and Teacher’s Guide. ALL RESOURCES ARE FREE.

Can I buy one of these art pieces or any others listed in our catalogue for my home or Community Health Centre? Go to the Price List at  or contact  All funds go directly to the artist unless the art is bought through one of the galleries where the expo is touring.

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