Posted: September 1, 2011

Canadian Author Releases Second Publication to Address Diabetes

“Diabetes can best be described as a deadly, silent tsunami just waiting to crash on our shores,” said renowned diabetes educator and best-selling author, Karen Graham. “People should be afraid because we’re all ignoring the warning signs.”

On the heels of her highly acclaimed Diabetes Meals For Good Health (Robert Rose, 2008), Graham has released her latest publication, The Complete Diabetes Guide for Type 2 Diabetes (Paper Birch Publishing, 2011).

“The estimates are that one person out every ten has diabetes although only half are aware they suffer from it,” she said. “This disease creeps up silently and when it hits, if not managed well, the effects can be devastating”.

Graham has worked as a diabetes educator and dietitian for the past 30 years and knows all too well the havoc that diabetes can wreck. She decided early on in her career that she needed to address the issue. She found people were looking for help and answers as to how to manage diabetes and prevent complications such as foot amputations, blindness and kidney disease.

“One of the most common questions I was hearing was ‘What can I eat so I don’t get sick?’ said Graham. “There is such a long waiting list to see a diabetes educator to get answers to questions that I decided to address it in a simple to understand book series.”

Graham addresses the issue of type 2 diabetes in teenagers and its effects during pregnancy. “I’ve also done a comprehensive section on sexuality and diabetes, a topic that most seem to want to ignore.”

Karen has devoted the last 15 years to writing books for people with diabetes that are easy-to-read and give practical advice and suggestions. Her first book, Meals for Good Health, was published in 1998 and remains as one of Canada’s most popular diabetes books having sold over 150,000 copies. Her newest release, The Complete Diabetes Guide for Type 2 Diabetes has already sold over 5,000 copies.

This comprehensive book covers all aspects of diabetes from diet, to how to become more active and how to take on the challenge of quitting smoking.

The publication features easy-to-understand steps to prevent infections that can affect your feet, urinary tract, mouth and skin. It features information to help understand diabetes medication, and how to treat and manage low blood sugar.

For more information and interview requests contact Karen Graham at 204-857-7365 or

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