Posted: August 3, 2019


Thank you for your patience! Karen's new Health & Wellness Series is coming soon!

My new book, Diabetes Essentials, will be published later this fall. My two previous books, Meals for Good Health Cookbook and Complete Diabetes Guide are being totally revised and improved and will be printed in Spring 2020. I apologize for the delay. I also apologize for being out of stock, but I have found out that my publisher has a few of the old stock left and if you need some books for fall programming, please contact me if you would like to order some at a deep discount.

All three of the new books will form a Health & Wellness Series. All three are co-authored with a prominent Diabetes Endocrinologist (Diabetes Doctor). This means you will be assured to get all the latest diabetes knowledge. The doctor and I have combined our 50 years of clinical experience to to able to bring you the best books on the market. Stay tuned!

Diabetes Essentials is a shorter companion book to the Guide and Cookbook. Diabetes Essentials has an innovative format and includes easy diabetes tips covering more than 70 subjects, including medications, nutrition, gut bacteria, exercise, and more. The doc and I will offer you the ten top tips for each subject. Also, there are over 50 amazing and delicious everyday and easy diabetic recipes!


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