Posted: May 4, 2014

Robert Rose Publisher (Toronto) releases Second Diabetes Book by Dietitian Karen Graham

“As individuals, knowledge is one of the greatest tools we have to fight the devastating effects of diabetes,” said best-selling author, Karen Graham. “As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator I felt the best thing I could do for people with diabetes is write a book that has all the answers of how to prevent and manage diabetes.” This book is Canada’s Complete Diabetes Guide (Robert Rose, 2013).

In her book Graham states that, “Over the past twenty years, Robert Rose has built a high standard in the promotion of wellness through the publication of cookbooks and lifestyle books that have been extensively researched to address diabetes and chronic disease. Therefore, I am exceptionally pleased that this book is now included in Robert Rose’s collection.” A reviewer from says “I truly believe that this comprehensive guide will make a difference in the lives of people who have diabetes and also for those who are dealing with these people.”

The book was first published by Paper Birch Publishing in 2011, and the new Robert Rose edition has been enlarged with new revisions and more beautiful colour photographs, and updated to the Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines.  As one reviewer from the  Myrtle Beach Sun News said, “Don’t let the size deter you (it’s more than 400 pages). This book is not overweight, it is simply full of useful information”. And, “Possibly this is the most complete coverage and explanation of type 2 diabetes for the lay person I have ever seen. The book offers seven steps to prevent or reduce complications of diabetes and a seven-day meal plan with options for larger or smaller meals and gives answers to common diabetes questions.”

Graham says, “It is estimated that one in every ten people have diabetes, but as overweight and obesity are increasing in our youth, these numbers are expected to climb. The time is now to start making lifestyle changes for people with diabetes, their children and grandchildren.”

Graham has devoted the last 18 years to writing books for people with diabetes that are easy-to-read and give practical advice and suggestions. Her first book, Canada’s Diabetes Meals for Good Health has been in publication for 16 years and has sold 200,000 copies – and remains as a classic must-have cookbook. Her newest release, Canada’s Complete Diabetes Guide, is already very popular with combined sales of 30,000 copies.

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