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For individual nutrition or diabetes advice

Contact a Registered Dietitian in your area:

Contact your local hospital or health office and ask for the nearest diabetes education center.

Visit these diabetes, nutrition or related websites


Canadian Diabetes Association
Association and diabetes information, research, resources and services.

National Aboriginal Diabetes Association
Association information, profiles and stories, news, resources and Canadian Aboriginal health links.

Quebec Diabetes Association
Traditional Quebec recipes. Association and diabetes information.

American Diabetes Association
Daily recipe and Tip of the Day. Current magazine issue. Research, resources and services.

International Diabetes Federation
International focus.


Dietitians of Canada
Find-a-dietitian and DC resources and services.

American Dietetic Association
Daily healthy lifestyle tip, ADA resources and services and find-a-dietitian.

Center for Science in the Public Interest
Addresses controversial areas of nutrition – of interest to consumers and health workers.

General Health

Mayo Clinic

Search health conditions.

US Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Health library, “just for you” health topics and health care.