American Editions of My Books

Here are pictures of the American editions of Karen Graham’s two books. The American editions are EXACTLY the same inside as the Canadian editions. The only difference is the cover. The American editions have a slightly different front and back cover and do not say the word “Canada’s” on the front cover! Inside you will find the book has all the things you would want in an American book including:

  • American spelling
  • US laboratory numbers and results, and has been updated to the most recent American Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Recommendations
  • Common American food choices

If you live in the United States and you would like to order the American version you can buy a copy (copies) from bookstores across United States, including independent bookstores, Barnes&Noble and some box stores. If you don’t have a bookstore in your community you can order directly from an online bookstore such as

If you are a bookstore or pharmacy wishing to stock the book: Please contact Firefly Books directly.