Canada’s Diabetes Meals for Good Health

The book has over 70 calorie-equivalent meals (large and small size) that you can mix and match to get the calories you need for good health. All meals are shown in life-size photographs.

Book has easy steps for:

  • LOSING WEIGHT – More than a month of daily meal plans from 1,200 – 2,200 calories.
  • MANAGING DIABETES – To help you manage your blood sugars.
  • KEEPING YOUR HEART HEALTHY – Reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • REDUCING YOUR RISK FOR CANCER – Shows high fiber and nutrient-rich meals.
  • HEALTHY LIVING – Lots of tips for making lifestyle changes in a positive way.

Book Includes:

  • Beautiful life-size full-color photographs.
    • 15 Breakfasts
    • 15 Lunches
    • 40 Dinners
    • Hundreds of snacks
  • 100 everyday delicious recipes
  • Nutrition information for each recipe – calories, carbohydrate, protein, fat, cholesterol and sodium.
  • Diabetes exchanges (Food Choices) for each meal, as well as total carbohydrate and fiber.
  • 32-page guide at back of book shows food and beverage portions and helps you interpret food labels.

New editions will be available in Sept 2019

ISBN: 978-0-7788-0402-4 (CAN) | 978-0-7788-0403-1 (USA)
Soft cover
8.5″ x 11″, 320 pages
Full color
Publisher: Robert Rose
Published in cooperation with the Canadian Diabetes Association.
2012 Edition (previously published as Meals for Good Health)

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Reviews by Readers and Media:

…an excellent resource…The book is clearly written with beautiful, full sized photographs…All types of food are featured…This cookbook provides a great example of how all foods can fit into a diabetic meal plan…an extensive list of snack ideas…I especially like the section where the author focuses on specific processed foods and provides alternatives on how to make it a healthier choice.” Lisa Koo, Dietitians of Canada Resource Review, October 2013. Read complete review.

“As dietitians we are often asked by our clients to provide them with meal plans…For the health practitioner, Canada’s Diabetes Meals for Good Health is a good tool for office use to show examples of healthy meal planning ideas and portions sizes.” Lisa Galvez, PDt, CDE and Rema Sanghera, MA, RD, CDE, Diabetes Dialogue.

“Bravo, on the best Diabetic cookbook I’ve found!!!!!’s written in such good form, answers all the questions and the recipes are fabulous and delicious…its the only one any Diabetic would need!!!” Mrs. Caron Harker, Nova Scotia

“Recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, this book has become my bible of information, everything I wanted answered is in this book.” Mrs. Caron Harker, Nova Scotia

“Finally, a book that really shows how much a portion is, presented in such an appetizing way. Bravo!” Diabetes Dialogue (Elizabeth Fraser, RD)

“There are tons of cookbooks out there vying for our culinary attentions, but none quite like this one.” Yellowknifer

“Dietitian Karen Graham had a brilliant idea: Instead of remembering to count calories or weigh and measure food portions, why not look at a picture and replicate it in your own kitchen!” Toronto Sun (Marilyn Linton)

“This isn’t just another cookbook. This one is really different…These pictures will make your mouth water, guaranteed.” The Regina Sun

“The life-size photographs of everyday meals – show how much you should eat for good health.” St. John’s The Telegram (Jean Edwards Stacey)

“…we were informed by our doctor that my husband’s blood sugar was up…I grabbed your book that night, opened it to breakfasts and said, “OK dear what would you care for tomorrow morning, take your pick.” We have been faithful ever since…This book makes it so easy…We have both lost 10 pounds and my husband’s sugar dropped immediately and has stayed down…I tell everyone about your book.” Jacquie Slocombe, Prince Rupert, B.C.

“Overall Rating: Excellent; Strengths: Easy to read, recipes easy to follow, and full of good advice for anyone wishing to control their diet and eat healthy food…a valuable tool for physicians wishing to help their patients lose weight or acquire healthy dietary habits.” Canadian Family Physician (Dr. Geoffroy, MD)

“A wonderful book…It contains a wide array of meal options, from full meal plans to snacks, with more than 150 colour photographs.” The Edmonton Sun (Phil Joy)

“This easy-to-follow guide to healthy eating…includes quick and easy low-calorie meal plans.” The Toronto Star (Lynn Roblin, RD)

“The book is perfect for diabetics, heart patients or anyone trying to lose weight and learn about healthy eating.” Calgary Herald (Cinda Chavich)

“Healthy recipes that don’t scrimp on taste.” The Vancouver Province

“This is the most realistic food photography I have seen….The best part is you don’t have to count calories…It gets my vote as the best of its kind. Plain and simple, it’s a down to earth guidebook to good health.” The Hamilton Spectator (Suzanne Bourret)

“This cookbook is ideal for someone who wants simple healthy recipes, especially full meal plans for persons with diabetes. Colorful pictures inspired people to try new recipes…People realize that they have to make changes in their diet and this book helps them get started.” National Aboriginal Diabetes Association Newsletter

“I extol your book, and each of my 6 children have a copy…We no longer need meal plans or calorie counts or food exchanges or whatever as you have cut through all that garbage which is impossible to follow on a continuing basis and just enjoy our eating each and every day. We feel good and have each lost some weight.” Rees Powell, Ontario

“The photos are just fabulous…Eating healthy is fun with your book. Thank you again and bravo.” Jean-Guy Audet, Quebec

“I love the cookbook and use it with my clients – the meals are familiar and so easy-to-make.” Home Care Worker, Manitoba