Canada’s Complete Diabetes Guide

Finally, the diabetes answers you need in one easy-to-understand book with up-to-date and accurate information. Learn how to prevent or reduce diabetes complications that affect your heart and kidneys, and your eyes and feet. Included are delicious recipes in a complete 7 day diabetes meal plan. This book clearly shows you 7 easy steps to help you live and enjoy a healthy life with diabetes. A “must have” book if you have diabetes or are a diabetes educator.

New editions will be available in Sept 2019

ISBN: 978-0-7788-0469-7 (Canadian)
Soft cover
8.5″ x 11″, 416 pages
Full color
Publisher: Robert Rose

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Watch the half-hour Indigenous video companion for the 2011 edition of the book produced in cooperation with the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association

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Reviews by Readers and Media:

2014 Reviews

Covering everything from explaining what exactly diabetes is to learning how to manage it at different life stages, I felt much more knowledgeable about this disease after reading this book. I also felt that it was easy to understand and it didn’t go over my head. There are tons of pictures and side notes…I really respect that she had a large number of experts, including medical doctors, in the field of diabetes review her book…..[Karen Graham] scored really big points with me….I truly believe that this comprehensive guide will make a difference in the lives of people who have diabetes …I highly recommend Karen Graham’s [book] to anyone who has diabetes or knows someone with diabetes.

Must-have book for those with diabetes…Possibly this is the most complete coverage and explanation for Type 2 diabetes for the lay person I have ever seen…Don’t let the size deter you (it’s more than 400 pages). This book is not overweight, it is simply full of useful information. The book is divided into sections for easy reference…Questions are anticipated and answered.

The ultimate diabetes primer.

2011 Reviews

“Love this book! A great resource! (It keeps getting better!) People really enjoy all of the information as well as meal plans.” National Aboriginal Diabetes Association Conference 2011

“I like everything about this book, it helps you to answer questions.” National Aboriginal Diabetes Association Conference 2011

“User/Reader Friendly; Good use of white space and margin info boxes; excellent font type and style; excellent use of colour; exceptional graphics.” National Aboriginal Diabetes Association Conference 2011

“I am an educator: This will be a vital tool to help me be personally being well informed and to have an improved positive approach; Clients can see in print information relevant to their current health status. Thank you!!” National Aboriginal Diabetes Association Conference 2011

“Lots of pictures – easy to follow information that is easy and to the point.” National Aboriginal Diabetes Association Conference 2011

“Step by step guide for people with diabetes.” National Aboriginal Diabetes Association Conference 2011

“I just received your book, WHAT A BOOK, I was going to go shopping, but needless to say I cannot put this book down. Karen, the book is an absolute must read every day, and even though I have just skimmed through it I just know what it is going to do again for me. Plus, I love the new recipes!” Dorothy Falak, Thunder Bay